The Bar Mitzvah of Dylan

By admin 5 years ago
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Dylan’s Bar Mitzvah

The Boca Raton Resort

BOOM! We are kicking off our season here at SRE with the standards set high. A little Hurricane did not stop us from having the times of our lives. Mazel Tov to this AMAZING family and we cannot thank them enough for allowing us to bring our amazing team of vendors to the table and fully trusting us. Special “SHOUT OUT” to Dylan’s mom who had AMAZING ideas and taste and also being super fun to work with. We LOVE you Rosenberg’s and we cant wait for your other 2 boys! BRING IT ON. Thank you to Timeline Pro, LUV ROX, Always Flowers, Rock With U, Liquid Sky Laser, and The Boca Resort for being the most amazing partners!

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