Kirby and Ben

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Kirby & Ben

The Miami Beach Edition

How do you know you have an amazing and chill bride? Well allow us to answer that for you now…..After spending HOURS building Kirby’s dream Chuppah, it decided to down pour (did I mention there was ZERO percent chance of rain)  After a meeting of the minds, we all decided the only alternative was to find 4 poles, grab her tallis and to do the ceremony in the middle of the dance floor. Kirby handled this news like a champ and blew us away even more when she advised us that she had every intention of being in her Cocktail Hour  (wedding Dress and all) even though we had to move it up before the ceremony.  Kirby reminds us all that at the end of the day, your still getting married and it’s always best to make Lemonade out of Lemons. Really who cares that your guests see you in your Wedding Dress before you walk down the aisle?  Kirby wanted to be part of every moment and to enjoy her guests. This is what we call, THE ULTIMATE BRIDE!   Remember it’s the fastest 5 hours of your life! Enjoy it all.   Shout out time!  The Miami Beach Edition who KICKED BUTT making this all happen.  Xquisite Events who hung out and helped until we figured it all out, Rock With U and gorgeous photos by Alain Martinez!


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