Kendall and Brendan

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Kendall and Brendan

The Eau Palm Beach

Hello my friends!

Someone recently told me that nobody reads blog posts. They told me everyone scrolls right to the photos. I don’t blame them! I spend FOREVER trying to come up with the words to describe my love for the couples and the vision and the vibe….For now on I am keeping my blog posts short and simple. This way I can get them up faster and you can see more! So with all that being said, feast your eyes on Kendall and Brendan.  Chicago natives who did a full 3 day Destination Wedding…They were married at the beautiful Eau Hotel and Spa in Palm Beach. I am THRILLED to share these gorgeous photos with you by Nancy Cohn Photography! Thank you to The Powerhouse Group and to Xquisite Events!  This wedding was truly PERFECT. My most favorite part of the whole wedding was THAT DRESS!

Dress by Alon Levine!



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