Dovie’s Bar Mitzvah

By admin 6 years ago
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The Bar Mitzvah of Dovie

The JW Marriott Marquis
 Dovie is super talented, gorgeous and kind! We also must mention his amazing family! Aside from his mom and dad (who raised this amazing kid) his uncle is a creative genius who lives in South Africa. We love collaborating with people who truly know their stuff and allow us to run with it!  Dovie’s Uncle Mendy truly has a gift for being creative (he is a film producer so of course his brain is always working)  When the “OFF WHITE” theme was presented to us, of course we needed our SUPERSONIC Mitzvah team! Shout out to our regular Mitzvah posse…Always Flowers, Luv Rox, Rock With U, Jonathan from The JW Marriott Marquis, and lets NOT forget The St Regis who hosted the elegant candlelit Shabbat Dinner. This was a Kosher Event and we LOVED every minute of it! The last few photos in this blog post are of the gorgeous Friday Shabbat!  Side Note: CHECK OUT THE RED SOLO CUP BAR BACK…OMG!  We love it!
We loved OFF WHITE and anyone who knows the brand will get this!  Also, how can I forget my man KODAK BLACK!  He was a TEDDY BEAR!


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