Samantha and Lauren’s Super Chic Bnot Mitzvah

Hello Friends! Many of you may not know that I am the mother of a soon to be 13 year old daughter.  
This means I officially have a child  in the Mitzvah circuit. I recently had the pleasure of planning one of my closest friends daughter’s Bnot Mitzvah. The beauty of this event is that she let me do whatever I wanted (sticking to budget of course) and she was not allowed to question me or give me her opinion and if and when she did, I hung up on her  LOL.  When you let an event planner plan an event and you don’t dictate or put restrictions on them,  how could this not be the best event ever?  This event is proof that excess and overkill are a thing of the past and simple yet elegant decor is truly all you need.  From a Liquid Nitrogen Bar which was INSANE, to an amazing Photo Station by Smile Booth, take a look at this beautiful event which was held at Via Mizner Country Club in Boca Raton, catered by the amazing Parkland Chef who also ran the Liquid Nitrogen Bar.  Thank you to Andrew King from LUV ROX for once again taking the most beautiful photos EVER,  John Buick from Xquisite Events for dealing with me changing my mind every 5 minutes, Julie (the best friend) for allowing me to do what I do best……Also, thank you to DJ TJ for playing the most KICK BUTT MUSIC EVER and for the surprise spray of C02 Cyro Fog being Blasted out of a canon!   This party was FINE AND FABULOUS!





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