Check out this Hip Bar Mitzvah!  We had the ideal client for this event who wanted something nontraditional, fun, and AMAZING for all!  The moment  guests arrived they walked along the Entry Way surrounded by Snow Capped Evergreens, they were then greeted by 2 dancers who placed their Ski Lift tickets around their neck.  For a moment people really forgot they were in Florida and it was 80 degrees! Games and activities were placed throughout the space, and when the ballroom doors opened the guests were amazed when they entered through what seemed like a  Blizzard of Snow to find their table.  Farm House Tables and Murals of Snow Capped Mountains filled the space to create a warm Ski Lodge Feeling.  This client chose Food Stations instead of the Traditional Sit Down Dinner which was a HUGE HIT!  Throughout the night, guests were welcome to mix and mingle or join in on the dance floor. As the heart of any party, the traditional elements such as the Hora, Hamotzi and a Mini Candle-lighting Ceremony all took place on the center of the dance floor for the best viewing.  Personalized t-shirts were  also created for the waiters, and Entertainers. The sensational Ski Lodge theme was designed by Xquisite Events and these beautiful photos are all thanks to Ricardo Serpa.   The perfect ending to a fabulous family celebration was of course the Confetti Canon which truly was the icing on the cake.  I also must admit I had the best time shooting it off!   Guests were then served Hot Chocolates and Donuts out by Valet for the perfect send off.  Check it out and Happy Reading





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