Dominque & Mihael

Another Summer Lovin’ wedding to share with you!  This one was at the historic and gorgeous Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. Dominique and Mihael are both Doctors who met in Medical school and fell madly in love.  We LOVE the summer colors of the bridesmaids dresses and how well they matched with Dominique’s Rosa Clara Wedding gown.  Dominique is from Colombia and Mihael was born and raised in Croatia, so this was yet another amazing international wedding for SRE…..We were honored to be part of it and we want to wish these newlyweds luck as they do their fellowship at NYU!!!!  Thank you and special SHOUT OUT to Kristen Weaver Photography for capturing the day…..


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Cyndi & Kevin The Breakers

Finally we are getting around to blogging our summer weddings.  As most of you know, we take off for the Summer.  We usually stay until the July 4th weekend before we jet off to some exotic location….KIDDING!

The last wedding of the season for us this summer was for Cyndi and Kevin. This was the most perfect wedding to end our season.  It was a small, yet perfectly intimate celebration for their 2nd marriage.  Cyndi & Kevin live in Qatar and we literally planned their entire wedding via email. No tasting, no centerpiece viewing….NADA!  She put all her trust into the amazing group of vendors we had chosen for her. The Breakers was the most perfect destination to house their guests who flew in from  Canada all the way to New Zealand.  People came from all over the world to see these two exchange vows.   The Breakers Design Studio NAILED it from just one vision board Cyndi sent over and we are proud to say that the rest is history. We wish them a life of happiness and we were honored to be part of their magical day! Thank you Andrew King from Luv Rox for ROCKING the photos


0031_070315 CyndiKevin 0116_070315 CyndiKevin 0327_070315 CyndiKevin 0395_070315 CyndiKevin 0498_070315 CyndiKevin 0718_070315 CyndiKevin 0799_070315 CyndiKevin 0963_070315 CyndiKevin 1115_070315 CyndiKevin 1214_070315 CyndiKevin-Edit 1257_070315 CyndiKevin 1416_070315 CyndiKevin 1430_070315 CyndiKevin 1432_070315 CyndiKevin 1433_070315 CyndiKevin 1436_070315 CyndiKevin 1449_070315 CyndiKevin 1476_070315 CyndiKevin 1518_070315 CyndiKevin 1585_070315 CyndiKevin 1642_070315 CyndiKevin 1665_070315 CyndiKevin 1816_070315 CyndiKevin 1823_070315 CyndiKevin 1867_070315 CyndiKevin 1935_070315 CyndiKevin 1936_070315 CyndiKevin 1943_070315 CyndiKevin 1960_070315 CyndiKevin 1966_070315 CyndiKevin 2001_070315 CyndiKevin 2342_070315 CyndiKevin 2453_070315 CyndiKevin 2497_070315 CyndiKevin 2681_070315 CyndiKevin 2744_070315 CyndiKevin 2746_070315 CyndiKevin 2983_070315 CyndiKevin

Ali + Sam

From Light Up Shoes to a DJ and Emcee that also could not help themselves from dancing….Ali + Sam’s wedding was AHHHHMAZING.  The girls from SRE were thrilled to be back at Indian Creek Country Club We truly love working there and consider it one of Miami’s most secret hidden gems. Rock With You kept this love fest going all night with DJ Slim behind the wheels of steel and I have to say that the mix of a band and a DJ is my most favorite thing ever. Its the best of both worlds for sure.  Shout Out to Always Flowers for ALWAYS making us look good and THANK YOU Andrew Marrero from Lux Images for these Gorgeous images..

Sara + Laurie

Ali and Sam Wedding F0029 Ali and Sam Wedding F0031 Ali and Sam Wedding F0039 Ali and Sam Wedding F0132 Ali and Sam Wedding F0167 Ali and Sam Wedding F0172 Ali and Sam Wedding F0204 Ali and Sam Wedding F0230 Ali and Sam Wedding F0306 Ali and Sam Wedding F0330 Ali and Sam Wedding F0336 Ali and Sam Wedding F0391 Ali and Sam Wedding F0416 Ali and Sam Wedding F0549 Ali and Sam Wedding F0558 Ali and Sam Wedding F0559 Ali and Sam Wedding F0560 Ali and Sam Wedding F0586 Ali and Sam Wedding F0703 Ali and Sam Wedding F0763 Ali and Sam Wedding F0838 Ali and Sam Wedding F0875 Ali and Sam Wedding F0898 Ali and Sam Wedding F0959 Ali and Sam Wedding F0981

Jamie + Benji The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne

We knew this wedding would be AWESOME because 5 years ago we were lucky enough to plan Benji’s brothers wedding and got to see first hand how this family can PARTY!  Well with a group of superstar vendors on board, including Always Flowers, Libido Band, DJ IRIE, and Luv Rox Photography…Jamie and Benji got to keep the family  tradition going with yet another Epic celebration for the books.  The end result of this wedding was a truly undeniably perfect and gorgeous Wedding.  From a Dancing Junkanoo Band to Stage Diving….What a way to end our season!  We LOVED this wedding and we LOVE Jamie + Benji



5337_051615 JamieBenji 5214_051615 JamieBenji 4889_051615 JamieBenji 4611_051615 JamieBenji 4526_051615 JamieBenji 4523_051615 JamieBenji 4462_051615 JamieBenji-Edit 4089_051615 JamieBenji 4034_051615 JamieBenji 2270_051615 JamieBenji 2257_051615 JamieBenji 2243_051615 JamieBenji 1976_051615 JamieBenji 1787_051615 JamieBenji 1715_051615 JamieBenji 1535_051615 JamieBenji 1446_051615 JamieBenji 1263_051615 JamieBenji-Edit  1029_051615 JamieBenji 1017_051615 JamieBenji-Edit 0985_051615 JamieBenji-Edit 0876_051615 JamieBenji-Edit 0725_051615 JamieBenji 0599_051615 JamieBenji 0525_051615 JamieBenji 0194_051615 JamieBenji

Paige + Martin The Breakers

Paige and Martin were married this past March at The Breakers in Palm Beach.…  This wedding was a mix of chic New Yorkers and sexy Argentinian’s.  Martin is a Professional Polo Player and this wedding was filled with a mix of beautiful people from all over the world, it was like being at the hippest party in The Hampton’s!   The Breakers was the most perfect backdrop for the weekends festivities.   For the decor, Paige wanted something simple and elegant and The Breakers Design Studio was on hand to create a stunning ballroom that left Paige and Martin in AWE!  Amy Hill Photography captured the most vibrant photos of their glamorous day which was filled with so much love and laughter and how can I forget FUN!  on hand for the fun factor was no other than ROSS and SLIM from ROCK WITH YOU and ROCK WITH US THEY DID!  Catering- Kym Bichon The Breakers

Decor -Aime Dunstan The Breakers Design Studio

Entertainment- Rock With You

Photography- Amy Hill

Video- Ruben Senderey

Thank you Paige and Martin for having us…WE LOVE YOU

paige0506 paige0619 paige1698 paige2491 paige2667 paige2668 paige2754 paige2756 paige2761 paige2766 paige2773 paige2791 paige2795 paige2800 paige2985 paige3247 paige4105 paige4121 paige4178 paige4183 paige4322 paige4325 paige4330 paige4965 paige5139 paige5684 paige5824 paige5933


Scotty’s Bar Mitzvah Broken Sound Country Club

HE SHOOTS HE SCORES! That about sums it all up for Scotty Herman.  A big time Hockey Player and fan, what better theme for him than ICE! Everyone scored a Hat Trick for me at this one!  Ross from Rock With You! AMAZING Lane Friedman from Dalsimer…AMAZING.  Andrew King from Lov Rox Photography….well the photos speak for themselves, AMAZING.  Thank you Herman family for having us and thank you Lorant Botha from Broken Sound Country Club for being AMAZING!

0123_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0260_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0339_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0436_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0454_050915 ScottyHermanBar  0570_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0596_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0600_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0613_050915 ScottyHermanBar


0645_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0653_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0655_050915 ScottyHermanBar  0665_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0667_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0673_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0674_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0678_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0697_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0701_050915 ScottyHermanBar  0711_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0725_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0727_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0753_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0760_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0777_050915 ScottyHermanBar   0944_050915 ScottyHermanBar 0971_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1238_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1324_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1387_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1462_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1474_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1508_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1525_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1651_050915 ScottyHermanBar 1758_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2032_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2041_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2141_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2205_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2274_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2392_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2427_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2433_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2435_050915 ScottyHermanBar  2440_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2450_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2454_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2456_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2458_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2461_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2465_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2472_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2496_050915 ScottyHermanBar 2519_050915 ScottyHermanBar G0101156

Angela + Adam The Eau Palm Beach

This wedding was very special to us because 5 years ago we did the Grooms Brothers Wedding!  We felt so connected to this family and loved every minute of this day! Angela + Adam were married at The Eau Palm Beach and Angela looked like a Hollywood Glamorous Movie Star. This wedding was chic and elegant and contained just the right amounts of Perfection.  We were honored to be part of it.  Mario Munoz ROCKED the photos (the moment you scroll down you will see exactly what I’m talking about) Alan James from Powerhouse kept the Dance Floor PACKED! Karen Cohen of Always Flowers once again transformed a ballroom and made a brides dreams come true, and The Eau Palm Beach was a perfect host to host for this International eclectic crowd! Check out the photos below and WE LOVE YOU ANGELA + ADAM!


25698-004 25698-036 25698-086 25698-159 25698-210 25698-270 25698-271 25698-359 25698-364 25698-369 25698-555


G + C The Breakers

We are so excited to share these gorgeous images with you! G + C were married at The Beautiful Breakers Hotel…. Our bride traveled all the way to Paris to get her Gorgeous Wedding Dress. We loved working with this couple and WOW what a wedding! Always Flowers did a great job pulling together the vision of this wedding with Tulips and Baby’s Breath (which I decided that night are the most under-used flowers) I truly LOVED the look of this wedding! Thank you Mr. Andrew King of Luv Rox Photography for these amazing images and for sending them to us SUPER fast!  This wedding ROCKED and we were proud to be part of it

PS..The last 3 images were mine and not professional ( this is a disclaimer)  I was just so anxious to share all these images I could not wait for the Photographer to send the rest of the images to me!



The Wedding Guru

0402_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 0432_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie    0632_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie-Edit 0746_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 0754_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 0855_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 1168_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 1498_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie-Edit 1537_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie   1883_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 1909_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 1925_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 2109_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 2302_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 2322_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 2372_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 2773_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 3035_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 3226_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 3237_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 3252_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 3271_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 3395_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie 3402_031515 GiuseppinaCharlie-Edit IMG_3397 IMG_3402 IMG_3447

A + J The Breakers

Sometimes the stars align for an epic night – and this is how we kicked off the new year for A & J’s Wedding Weekend Celebration. From the first day I met this UBER cool bride I was excited for this wedding!  She wanted something so unique and spiritual, literally every single detail of this wedding was thought out.  From the Lotus Cake to The Bollywood inspired after party….I mean who has a Bindi and Mustache bar at their wedding?  Just when the party was jamming at full-tilt, Ross from Rock With You blew the roof of the place and there are no words to explain the outstanding job The Breakers did in executing this Lotus inspired theme!  So much FUN! Check out the GORGEOUS photos below by Sharone Amit

AJ Sharone Amit 1 AJ Sharone Amit 2 AJ Sharone Amit 4 AJ Sharone Amit 5 AJ Sharone Amit 6 AJ Sharone Amit 7 AJ Sharone Amit 8 AJ Sharone Amit 9 AJ Sharone Amit 10 AJ Sharone Amit 11 AJ Sharone Amit 12 AJ Sharone Amit 14 AJ Sharone Amit 15 AJ Sharone Amit 16 AJ Sharone Amit 18 AJ Sharone Amit 19 AJ Sharone Amit 20 AJ Sharone Amit 21 AJ Sharone Amit 25 AJ Sharone Amit 26 AJ Sharone Amit 29 AJ Sharone Amit 30 AJ Sharone Amit 31 AJ Sharone Amit 32 AJ Sharone Amit 33 AJ Sharone Amit 33a AJ Sharone Amit 34 AJ Sharone Amit 35 AJ Sharone Amit 36 AJ Sharone Amit 37 AJ Sharone Amit 38 AJ Sharone Amit 39 AJ Sharone Amit 40 AJ Sharone Amit 41 AJ Sharone Amit 42 AJ Sharone Amit 44 AJ Sharone Amit 45 AJ Sharone Amit 46 AJ Sharone Amit 47 AJ Sharone Amit 48 AJ Sharone Amit 50 AJ Sharone Amit 51 AJ Sharone Amit 52 AJ Sharone Amit 54 AJ Sharone Amit 55 AJ Sharone Amit 56 AJ Sharone Amit 58 AJ Sharone Amit 59

Jacks SUPER cool BARMI!

Check out these amazing images by Andrew King of Luv Rox Photography… They truly show how magical  this event was for Jack.  I am also a believer in not worrying so much about a theme. In this case, Jack had no theme…therefore we came up with a super cool logo and put the focus on amazing staging and lighting. Rock With You Entertainment was on hand to provide NOT just amazing entertainment, BUT amazing staging and lighting….Thank you to Rachel and Andrew for allowing us to do what we do best and taking a HUGE risk with a BLACK LIGHT GLOW IN THE DARK SET!  Really that was the HIGHLIGHT of the night!  Craig Goldstein from E2concepts fully made all this possibile with his outstanding entertainers!

1152_012415 JackSchwartz 1156_012415 JackSchwartz 1172_012415 JackSchwartz 1182_012415 JackSchwartz 1185_012415 JackSchwartz 1192_012415 JackSchwartz 1202_012415 JackSchwartz 1208_012415 JackSchwartz 1216_012415 JackSchwartz 1239_012415 JackSchwartz 1422_012415 JackSchwartz 1433_012415 JackSchwartz 1487_012415 JackSchwartz 1514_012415 JackSchwartz 1727_012415 JackSchwartz 1900_012415 JackSchwartz 1906_012415 JackSchwartz 2003_012415 JackSchwartz 2004_012415 JackSchwartz 2815_012415 JackSchwartz 2825_012415 JackSchwartz