Morgans EPIC Bat Mitzvah

When I first met Morgan’s mom Joanne we were discussing a theme for Morgan and having the hardest time, HOWEVER, the word she kept using to describe Morgan was, “HAPPY”  Over and over again she would tell me about Morgans smile and how Morgan is always laughing!  My instinct immediately was to go with this for a theme.  How can any theme be better than one of Positivity and Happiness?  Morgans Bat Mitzvah went down as “THE MITZVAH OF THE SEASON” So much of this event was BEYOND ANYTHING WORDS CAN DESCRIBE!  Feast your eyes on the amazing images courtesy of Cengiz of Adagion Studio  I am attaching so many photos because so much about this day was beautiful. I want to tell the WHOLE STORY for this event.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE this family and WE LOVE MORGAN!  Big Shout Out to Always Flowers  Jeff Gold from Zazz  MY AWESOME FOURSOME team of Guru’s for assembling 300 boxes of Melissa Cupcakes with 12 cupcakes in each. In theory thats really 3,600 cupcakes they assembled for me.  This event had it ALL…. from an Eyelash Bar to Amazing Scented Candle Favors for the Adults, Melissa Cupcakes, Amazing Hooded Shirts for the Kids and Blow Up’s around the room of POSITIVE and HAPPY quotes from Morgan!   I am already up at night thinking about what we will do for Morgans little Brothers in 2016!  They are TWINS so Its DOUBLE TROUBLE!



Morgan Bat Mitzvah _137

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _133

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _124 Morgan Bat Mitzvah _115 Morgan Bat Mitzvah _129

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _132

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _114

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _109 Morgan Bat Mitzvah _112

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _095

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _085

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _082

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _078

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _070

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _065

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _061

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _058

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _056

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _055

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _050 Morgan Bat Mitzvah _053


Morgan Bat Mitzvah _035

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _022Morgan Bat Mitzvah _034

Morgan _576

Morgan _525

Morgan _386

Morgan _355

Morgan _353

Morgan _338
Morgan Bat Mitzvah _121

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _043

Morgan _222

Morgan _142 Morgan _129

Morgan Bat Mitzvah _014

Morgan _096Morgan _142 Morgan Bat Mitzvah _001

Morgan _067Morgan _085




Julias Bat Mitzvah

Good things DO come in Small Packages which is EXACTLY what the theme was for this SUPER CHIC AND AMAZING Bat Mitzvah for the ADORABLE and SWEET Julia!  Once again Thank you to Karen Cohen from Always Flowers  for taking the theme and not making it so IN YOUR FACE!  It’s what I call a “DECONSTRUCTED THEME”  Thank you to Meir Israel from Studio M  for amazing photos of all the details,  AND,  of course BIG shout out to TJ Rose from Celebrity Entertainment for being the master behind the MUSIC and the MICROPHONE!  Now, enough about the amazing Vendors, the people most deserving the Thank you’s  would be  Julia and her mom Brooke for coming up with so many of the amazing details and trusting me to execute them.  BIG LOVE for this family because I did older sister Alexa’s Bat Mitzvah also.  WE LOVE THEM!  Anyway, check out the amazing Bat Mitzvah of Julia below!






























Megan & Oren

It is such a pleasure for us to share the wedding of Megan and Oren!  Oren’s sister, Niki Rubin, is one of my dearest friends and also the owner of the FABULOUS Papery and Cakery with her sister Ali!  (Ali is the Cakery and Niki is the Papery) Niki is also the mother of the adorable flower girl and ring bearer you will see in the photos below who KICKED BUTT at walking down the aisle and doing their job!  Planning this wedding was truly a JOY and  It’s so amazing how in love this couple is.  Even more amazing is the fact that they went to the Prom together!  Thank you Megan & Oren for allowing us to share in your wedding day bliss. It was a true joy for us to be there with you and both of  your amazing families!!! Check out Megan and Oren’s amazing photos below (courtesy of the ever so talented Stacey and Craig Ambrosio of Ambrosio Photography ) Kudos to them for also organizing the worlds largest Family and Bridal Party Photo Session EVER!!!!! Special Shout Out to the Eau Hotel in Palm Beach Florida for hosting such a fabulous 3 day weekend, Always Flowers for once again making me look SO GOOD! and of course Megan and Oren.  LOVE YOU GUYS!





































Jorrie & David The W Sobe

WOW!  2014 is off to a BANG!  Cant wait to share these amazing images by Luv Rox Photography !  Meet Jorrie and David!  Here is what happens when a concept artist for the world’s most successful video game franchise meets a fellow artist and game tester, they fall in love and decide to invite their friends/co workers/family to a destination wedding in South Beach,  away from the chilly Seattle weather…This was one Über cool wedding with some Über cool people I was proud to be part of.   Thank you SUPER DUPER team of Guru’s for helping me execute this wedding!  Gloria Pelo for hair and makeup, Xquisite Events for Decor and Celebrity Entertainment mixing up the best Dance Tunes Ever!

0182_011114 JorrieDavid

0113_011114 JorrieDavid copy

0475_011114 JorrieDavid0498_011114 JorrieDavid0719_011114 JorrieDavid copy0882_011114 JorrieDavid2044_011114 JorrieDavid1906_011114 JorrieDavid1526_011114 JorrieDavid2165_011114 JorrieDavid1802_011114 JorrieDavid1772_011114 JorrieDavidIMG_64761860_011114 JorrieDavid1070_011114 JorrieDavid1128_011114 JorrieDavid1657_011114 JorrieDavid copy1760_011114 JorrieDavid3303_011114 JorrieDavid1324_011114 JorrieDavid1145_011114 JorrieDavid1138a_011114 JorrieDavid



Super Cool Tailgate Barmi of Nathan

Before I even speak about how amazing this party was AND this family, I have to start with some Major Shout-Out’s

1.   Parkland Chef Catering    OMG people were DYING over the food and Presentation.  I never saw Food get Photographed like this in my life.  They took the Tailgate theme and ran with it.  Major shout out to Dena and Keith Blauschild for KICK ASS FOOD!

2. Luv Rox Photography    Could the blow up’s around the room been any better?  NOT!  The photo shoot with Nathan was OMG AMAZING and these photos below really showcase how many details were in this room, AND, he puts up with me yelling at him all night to go shoot all the details I want for my Blog!

3. Designs by Sean  For Lending us his amazing Warehouse and for KICKING MAJOR TAILGATE BUTT with insane lighting and Decor!  And also he put up with my 800 emails a day!  We LOVE SEAN!

4. Rock With You  Ok, when I throw kids off the bleachers so I could dance you know the DJ is a ROCK STAR! Finally an AMAZING DJ and an emcee who lets the people dance and does not stop the party to hear himself speak and sing!  Ross is a ROCK STAR and he did ROCK WITH ME!

6. The Louis Family…….If everyone in the world was as kind as this family, the world would truly be a more beautiful place.  This family had such a successful event because everyone there loved them and wanted to be there.  It was truly a magical night for a magical family

Thank you Louis Family and we can’t wait to party with you in 2016 at Sarah’s


0797_113013 NathanLouis
0194_113013 NathanLouis
0845_113013 NathanLouis
0872_113013 NathanLouis0856_113013 NathanLouis
0888_113013 NathanLouis
0903_113013 NathanLouis
0965_113013 NathanLouis
0970_113013 NathanLouis 0967_113013 NathanLouis
\0978_113013 NathanLouis
0986_113013 NathanLouis
0987_113013 NathanLouis
1004_113013 NathanLouis
1012_113013 NathanLouis
1091_113013 NathanLouis
1137_113013 NathanLouis
1423_113013 NathanLouis
1800_113013 NathanLouis
1803_113013 NathanLouis
2242_113013 NathanLouis
2265_113013 NathanLouis
2298_113013 NathanLouis

2556_113013 NathanLouis2276_113013 NathanLouis

Hayden & Shay The St Regis

Ok so what happens when a totally GORGEOUS bride falls in love with a TOTALLY handsome English Bloke? Well, a wedding at The St Regis with over the top Fireworks of course!  Feast your eyes on these amazing photos courtesy of  UDS photo of the   beautiful Hayden and Shay (even their names are beautiful)  This wedding was in International Celebration of their love, AND a departure party, as the bride and groom were moving to Dubai right after their nuptials!  Thank you to Victoria Chase of The St Regis (aka Queen Victoria) and of course John Buick from Xquisite Events for making Hayden and Shay’s dreams come true

Thank you Hayden and Shay (aka SHAYDEN) for having Sara Renee Events in the house!





Not much to say about this one except OMG!  We had the pleasure of once again working with the amazingly talented team at Always Flowers who literally transformed the Basket Ball Court at The JW Marriott Marquis into an urban deconstructed sports theme!  Thank you to Luv Rox  for  nailing such amazing shots.  There was just so much to shoot and I think I was annoying him all night!   Everything about this event screams NOW!  So hip, modern and current!  Not to mention the most amazing departing favor EVER!  Every kid got 3 tickets to the Miami Dolphins game! So enough from me, check out the photos below for the most amazing BNAI MITZ of the Season!!

1799_101913 Wolf BNai1797_101913 Wolf BNai1996_101913 Wolf BNai copyphotophoto copyphoto copy 22122_101913 Wolf BNai2121_101913 Wolf BNai copy1039_101913 Wolf BNai2403_101913 Wolf BNai
1761_101913 Wolf BNai1765_101913 Wolf BNai copy
1606_101913 Wolf BNai1720_101913 Wolf BNai1723_101913 Wolf BNai1743_101913 Wolf BNai
0830_101913 Wolf BNai
0792_101913 Wolf BNai
0774_101913 Wolf BNai copy
0770_101913 Wolf BNai
0738_101913 Wolf BNai copy0719_101913 Wolf BNai0728_101913 Wolf BNai
0649_101913 Wolf BNai0650_101913 Wolf BNai 

The Barmi of Coby – The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale

This time it was Coby’s Bar mitzvah, Caleb, his brother had his 2 years ago and we really changed things up this time around.  2 totally different brothers with 2 Totally different ideas!   Coby’s Barmi was at The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale and the moment the guests stepped off the elevator, they were greeted by servers who handed them a COBY’S SLAM DUNK MARTINI!   The Voice of The Miami Heat, Michael Baiamonte surprised the guests as he came from behind the DJ booth to introduce the family!

I loved this party and I love this family!    Congrats Coby and thanks for letting SRE be part of your special day!

Photos by Andrew King of LUV ROX PHOTOGRAPHY and Decor as always by ALWAYS FLOWERS!  


2482_092813 CobyLiberman copy 2

2179_092813 CobyLiberman copy copy

0728_092813 CobyLiberman copy



15 1379_092813 CobyLiberman copy 2

13a 1510_092813 CobyLiberman copy


1802_092813 CobyLiberman
1799_092813 CobyLiberman
1796_092813 CobyLiberman
1794_092813 CobyLiberman
1791_092813 CobyLiberman
1502_092813 CobyLiberman
1315_092813 CobyLiberman
1308_092813 CobyLiberman
0650_092813 CobyLiberman
0687_092813 CobyLiberman
0676_092813 CobyLiberman
0650_092813 CobyLiberman

The Bath Club J + L

We took over The Bath Club in South Beach to celebrate the wedding of J + L  We had a blast filling the space with vintage eclectic elements to give this bride the organic, natural, non-contrived look she was going for.  Check out this Hippie-Chic FAB wedding and Thank you to Tony Gajate for capturing these amazing images.  Room Decor by Always Flowers and providing the SALSA dancing for the night was Juniors Orchestra!


Danielle and Ethan The Breakers

We love this wedding!  We are super excited to feature Danielle + Ethan.  This Joyous and Fun Celebration took place at The Breakers where we mixed romantic traditions and modern elements to create MAGIC!  Photos by the super talented Andrew King of LUV ROX and special shout out to Jeff Fowler from The Breakers, Beautiful Decor by Karen Cohen of Always Flowers and the man rocking the wheels of steel TJ Rose from Celebrity Entertainment! 

Thank you Danielle and Ethan for giving us the honor of planning your wedding!

1851_092113 DanielleEthan copy
1975_092113 DanielleEthan copy
1766_092113 DanielleEthan
1186_092113 DanielleEthan copy
1180_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0550_092113 DanielleEthan
2156_092113 DanielleEthan copy
3025_092113 DanielleEthan copy
1515_092113 DanielleEthan copy 2 3001_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0961_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0967_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0955_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0891_092113 DanielleEthan copy
2067_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0824_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0462_092113 DanielleEthan copy 2
3236_092113 DanielleEthan copy 2
0716_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0349_092113 DanielleEthan copy 2
2520_092113 DanielleEthan copy 30735_092113 DanielleEthan copy 2
0240_092113 DanielleEthan copy
0221_092113 DanielleEthan copy 3
0152_092113 DanielleEthan copy 3
0063_092113 DanielleEthan copy 3
0704_092113 DanielleEthan copy 2